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Client Overview

The LUXUS founders have set out on a mission to offer precious gemstones and estate jewelry as an alternative asset class to common (retail) investors. To do this, they partner with the world’s premium brands to unlock fractional ownership in precious gems, coveted jewelry, rare watches and other bespoke accessories.

Through strategic partnerships, collaboration with leading industry executives and proprietary process/research, LUXUS provides transparency and access – once exclusive to the ultrawealthy – to investors everywhere.

Their founding team of seasoned executives has deep experience in investment management, capital markets, fintech, luxury and technology.



Outstanding Metrics:

  • 6 Weeks total project time for robust project discovery
  • $2.5M in funding raised after project
  • 37,000 users signed-up before launch, 370% above the target goal of 10,000 user signups
  • 5 Assets planned as luxury offerings in 2023
  • Featured on the Financial Times, Forbes, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Business Insider, NBA All Star Game Venture and is a Nasdaq FinTech Competition 2022 Semifinalist



Market Opportunity

Historically, the diamond, precious gem and estate jewelry asset class has been inaccessible to most common consumers/investors. Common (retail) investors do not have the capital, the network, or the time/expertise to acquire, maintain and liquidate these assets.

At the same time, the precious gem asset class has yielded exceptional appreciation and returns as a “hard asset” investment. 

LUXUS aspires to unlock access to this asset class by offering an investment platform where investors can buy shares in precious gems, coveted jewelry, rare watches and other bespoke accessories for as little as $200/share.



Project Overview

The LUXUS team partnered with Scalio on a 6-week Product Discovery Project whose outputs were meant to be a centerpiece for their investor pitch and platform development.

The outputs that Scalio provided include Design specialists and MBAs completing a competitive analysis, full product design addressing user on-boarding, investor verification, asset purchase, core loop experience, user retention model and a fully-branded product prototype. Product Solutions specialists mapped of a hyper-accurate platform development timeline, allowing LUXUS to craft a successful and compelling presentation for investors with mitigated risk.

As the LUXUS founder team had no product development experience, Scalio management was delighted to act as true “partners” with the client, providing context on the product development process, level of effort required to execute on tasks, disciplined task management, prioritization, product and feature design, etc.




User flows to define complexity

User flows formally documented the complexity of the major product experiences, breaking them down into simple decision trees that could be referenced by development teams, advisors and technically-fluent investors.



Wireframing to define functionality
Low-fidelity wireframing was a critical step in the disciplined design process, notably to capture all edge cases across the various features within the product.



Pixel-perfect product mockups

By crafting high-fidelity product mockups for mobile and desktop platforms, the LUXUS Team was empowered to define and share their vision for an elegant financial investment platform that struck the right balance between luxury, financial data and fashionable style.




Interactive prototypes 

A common challenge for early-stage fundraising is the lack of context to the consumer experience. By building a fully interactive mobile prototype, the founders were empowered to demo their product vision and product core loop to any audience, without having a single line of code.




Art direction and brand guidelines

As a new product entering the market, the LUXUS founders wanted to explore a new branded logo mark and design guideline lived at the intersection of luxury goods, financial investing and technology. Over 70 unique variants including logo marks, fonts and color palettes were explored until the proper aesthetic was approved - with the output being a robust, 15-page brand guideline to be used across all mediums from digital, to print and socials.



What We Did

  • Strategy
    • Brand Strategy
    • Product Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Project Planning & Roadmap Definition
    • Budget forecasting
    • Resource Planning
    • Competitive Research
    • Risk Analysis
  • Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Art Direction
    • Branding
    • Wire-Framing
    • Accessibility
    • Web Design
    • UI Kit & Icon Design
  • Marketing
    • Copywriting


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