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We’re on the forefront of change in healthcare technology. We help our clients develop innovative and secure digital products that reduce cost, save time and improve lives.

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Over the past 11 years, our experts have crafted experiences that have delighted over 100 million users, and delivered over $1 billion in revenue.


Building technology that’s shaping the future of healthcare.

Big Data, wearables, machine learning, AR/VR — these innovations are all rapidly changing healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. At the same time, complex regulations and security concerns are top-of-mind for organizations, physicians and patients.

Are you ready to navigate this complexity and seize new opportunities? At Scalio, we help healthcare, medical and wellness companies harness data and technology to succeed in this constantly evolving industry.


Healthcare market revenue growth by 2028.


Medical Device market size by 2028.


CAGR (compound annual growth rate) until 2030 for the Healthcare/Device Market.

Our Healthcare/Medical solutions and proven expertise

Custom CMS Development

Secure and compliant management of healthcare information is critical. Any healthcare CMS also needs to be easy to access and simple to use. At Scalio, we help you balance these priorities to create custom solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems. We have extensive experience integrating with third-party data — including clinical management software, electronic health records and document management systems — to improve workflows, increase automation and ensure compliance.

AR & Mixed Reality

Currently valued at more than $900 million, the AR/VR healthcare market is booming, with analysts predicting a $3 billion valuation by 2023. That’s because the applications of AR, VR and mixed reality in healthcare are endless. AR and VR experiences can enable highly effective medical practices — from physician training to patient rehabilitation and preventive care. We work with clients to harness these technologies to develop immersive experiences that improve healthcare outcomes.

Native & Cross-Platform Mobile Development

The mHealth app market is huge — and it’s expected to gross $31 billion in 2020. We combine our in-depth healthcare industry knowledge with our development expertise to create multi-platform healthcare applications. Whether you need to track personal health data, facilitate real-time communication or develop preventive or smart care solutions, we build apps that meet the strictest compliance and security standards while delivering seamless user experience.

Smart Device Development

Healthcare used to be limited to office visits, telehealth and patient portal communications. Now, over half of the population is constantly collecting health information — through their phones, fitness trackers and wirelessly connected medical devices. The Internet of Things (IoT) creates immense opportunities for healthcare and wellness companies. At Scalio, we can help you effectively collect, manage and derive insights from smart devices to transform your business and deliver better care.

Our work in the healthcare and medical industry

We provide full-cycle implementation services to develop secure and robust digital products for clients in all facets of healthcare. Here are some of our areas of focus.
Healthcare Technology & Innovation

We work with healthcare startups and technology companies to spur medical innovation. From genome sequencing to innovative disease treatment, we’re helping our clients create digital experiences that accelerate their growth and product adoption rates.

Patient Care & Pharmaceutical

We’ve worked with companies across the entire continuum of care to improve patient outcomes. Our digital products are helping increase access to care, improve treatment accuracy and expedite workflows.

Health & Wellness

The global wellness economy is worth over $4.5 trillion. We help companies who specialize in nutrition, physical fitness and holistic wellness develop digital experiences that engage consumers and promote healthy habits.


Advancing technology for Healthcare & Medical clients like these

We partner with visionary startups and large corporations to design and craft secure, engaging platforms built to scale and create value from day-1.


Healthcare & Medical Insights

Feedback and sharing of knowledge is part of our culture at Scalio. Here are some best practices and resources to help you achieve the extraordinary.

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