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Collab Believes that Increased Access to the World of Investing is Beneficial for Everyone

With its revolutionary real estate investment platform, the firm aims to provide access to historically stable and high-performing investment opportunities in student housing through a unique, decentralized approach to property management.

Collab partnered with Scalio to transform its concept into a reality through an investment platform.



Key Performance insights




Collab's Investment Platform Delivers Impressive Results Across Several Key Performance Indicators

  • User Engagement: Achieved exponential growth in user volume, escalating from 0 to over 8,000 qualified investors
  • Sign-Up Rate: Currently averaging over 1,500 new sign-ups per month, indicating strong and growing market interest.
  • Investment Milestone: Facilitated investments totaling $1.1 million, demonstrating significant user trust and platform efficacy.
  • Asset Management: Overseeing an impressive Assets Under Management (AUM) growth of over $12m in the first year, now exceeding $60 million AUM, reflecting robust financial health and user confidence in the platform.
  • Capital Raised: $912 average investment per investor, with impressive $366k average capital raised per real estate asset
  • Established highly efficient development and QA cycles, enabling weekly production releases
  • Built a first-of-its-kind real estate platform with real-time data feeds and an integrated property investment/operations ecosystem
  • Gold Winner at the Titan Real Estate Awards 2023



Design & Build a Revolutionary Investment Platform to Scale

The visionary founders of Collab aspired to unlock access to a real estate asset class historically inaccessible to most common consumers/investors: student housing.

As an experienced product development agency, Scalio was able to partner with Qian Wang, CEO of an international real estate asset management firm.

Offering product strategy, design, and established product development experience in fractional share investing, Scalio supported the transformation of a vision into a best-in-class investment platform complete with proven digital 3rd party integrations and a fully customizable CMS (content management system) for the Collab business teams.

Now for as little as $500, common investors can make investments and receive monthly dividends from student housing assets that are managed by some of the world’s leading real estate holding leadership.



How Did 
We Do It?



Market Analysis and Product Strategy

Market analysis and competitive research were keystones in formulating a robust product strategy for a scalable MVP. This entailed identifying market opportunities, defining a unique value proposition, and optimizing features, pricing, and distribution channels. The resulting strategy ensured alignment with market demands and positioned the MVP for sustainable growth.



Design an Intuitive Investment Platform Experience

Honoring the mission to serve investors of all backgrounds, the Collab product required an intuitive user experience that struck the right balance of secure investor verification, financial overview, investment opportunity and unique positioning of diverse real estate assets.




Leverage Consumer Insights to Optimize User Conversions

The Scalio Design team conducted robust usability testing to validate consumer impressions, optimize the positioning of security checkpoints, mitigate user friction, and optimize user conversion towards their purchasing of shares.

Scalio was delighted to present a report showcasing a 90% conversion and completion rate by the tested population of users, ensuring that there will be high return on advertisement spend (ROAS) from qualified users that enter into the funnel.




Reduce the Marketing & Customer Acquisition Cost

FinTech products, by nature, have a very high customer acquisition cost (CAC). A key go-to-market strategy for the Collab platform was to include an incentivized referral program. By offering the early cohort(s) of investors a meaningful incentive to refer others within their network - such as a share credited to their investment accounts - the product and marketing teams are able to successfully reduce that CAC and earn higher yields on their overall return on ad spending (ROAS).




Technical Architecture and Product Experience Designed with Key 3rd Party Integrations

Scalio uses a carefully crafted, modern architecture featuring a combination of industry-leading technologies and third-party integrations. Our infrastructure is composed of cloud components from both Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. This ensures our product will be easily scalable, secure, and compliant with both SEC and FINRA regulations.




Offer a Full Third-Party Platform Integration Ecosystem

Our customer engagement solutions have been thoughtfully added to monitor product performance and observe user engagement. We couple these tools with analytics to optimize conversation within the user funnel, inspire investor transaction activity, lift retention, and maximize user LTV (lifetime value). Usability and A/B testing are also extensively used to inform and confirm overall product decisions. Our primary goal can be encapsulated into a single idea: ensure users have a simple, pleasant experience when using our product.





Collab & Scalio: Transforming Access to Student Housing Investments

Collab's partnership with Scalio has transformed its vision of democratizing access to student housing investments into a reality. Through innovative product development and a focus on user experience, the platform has achieved remarkable growth, recently reaching 13,000 users, and doubling volume within 6 months. 

Moving forward, Collab remains dedicated to expanding access to investment opportunities while refining its platform to meet evolving user needs. With a solid foundation and clear vision, Collab is poised to continue leading the charge in revolutionizing alternative investing.



What We Did

  • Strategy
    • Brand Strategy
    • Product Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Project Planning & Roadmap Definition
    • Competitive Research
    • Risk Analysis
  • Product
    • Strategic Planning
    • Product Development
    • Project Coordination
    • Quality Assurance
    • User Experience Optimization
  • Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Art Direction
    • Wire-Framing
    • Accessibility
    • Web Design
    • Design System Setup & Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
    • Front-end Development
    • Hosting
    • DevOps
    • QA



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