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At Scalio, we create digital products that are easily monetized without sacrificing the need for high-quality content and user-friendly experiences.

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Over the past 11 years, our experts have crafted experiences that have delighted over 100 million users, and delivered over $1 billion in revenue.


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The 24/7 news cycle and decentralized publishing drive the creation of endless amounts of content. Nearly three billion active social media users share and amplify these messages. For news and social companies, this intertwined landscape makes it increasingly difficult to stand out and develop a following.

At Scalio, we help our news and social clients navigate change and create dynamic digital experiences that grab attention, increase engagement and build meaningful connections.

Our work in News and Social Platforms

Custom CMS Development

At Scalio, we work with news and social media companies to develop a custom CMS with vital functionality, including: rich media management, scheduling of publications, social media integrations, social storytelling and networking instruments and collaborative workflows.

Cross-Platform Development

People want to be constantly connected — anywhere, anytime and on any device. We help news and social companies create a cross-platform presence that emphasizes easy access, personalization and security to increase adoption and usage.

Native App Development

A dedicated news or social app offers the opportunity to build a dedicated audience. Scalio helps news and social businesses develop intuitive and interactive applications that build trust, boost engagement and empower sharing.

Our work in News and Social Platforms

We work with clients in all facets of the news and social industry, helping them reach, engage and retain their audiences. Here are a few of our areas of focus.
News & Online Media

One of the biggest challenges facing news and media companies is a lack of consumer trust. We can help you build tailored digital solutions that focus on accuracy, relevance and performance, which can increase content consumption and monetization opportunities.

Social Networks & Platforms

Social networks and platforms are built on common interests, shareable content and tailored experiences. We can help you develop the ideal social platform for your target audience, creating a distinct community of active and engaged users.

Real-Time & Personalized Content

As a news or social company, you need to stay up-to-date to remain relevant. We help you do just that by developing tools that create efficient workflows, automate processes and enable you to create and publish tailored content in real-time.


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We partner with visionary startups and large corporations to design and craft secure, engaging platforms built to scale and create value from day-1.

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