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Client Overview

Casper is the first blockchain built specifically for enterprise business adoption

The Casper Blockchain is a revolution in both blockchain technology and applicability. As the only Layer-1 blockchain built specifically for enterprise adoption, Casper Labs needed a new and revamped image to communicate their unique offering. 

Following a significant re-brand, Casper Labs partnered with Scalio to provide a platform to redesign, re-brand and rebuild their scalable content website.



Business Challenge

Build a fully-customizable web marketing platform that can scale at the speed of the Blockchain industry.

Following a significant re-brand, Casper Labs faces a strategic challenge in aligning their digital presence with their new brand identity while ensuring seamless management of content and marketing initiatives. To address this challenge Casper Labs’ Marketing Team required a robust Content Management System (CMS) integrated with HubSpot to facilitate real-time updates and analytics, enabling them to maximize their marketing efforts efficiently.


A robust project discovery sprint mitigated risk, defined scope, and reduced budget

Project Discovery proved instrumental in achieving design clarity, minimizing risks, and ensuring the success of project. 
Through research and analysis provided valuable insights into user affinities, competitive benchmarks, and industry trends. Early identification of potential challenges allowed for effective risk management, streamlining the workflow/process, and reducing revision cycles that may arise later in development.



Optimizing Marketing Ecosystem with User Flows, Wireframes, and UI Mapping: Mitigating UX Friction and Driving Conversion

Our strategic use of user flows, wireframes, and simplified UI mapping ensures a well-defined marketing ecosystem, identifies edge cases, and minimizes UX friction risks. 
This approach underscores our dedication to enhancing engagement and conversion, providing Casper Labs with a solid foundation for success.



Help Bring the Next Great Blockchain Solution to Market

The outcome is a robust, growth oriented marketing ecosystem, that includes a fully-responsive website that effectively communicates Casper Labs' value while seamlessly aligning with user preferences, dedicated landing pages for lead generation, Hubspot integration for lead management, and a design system to make infinitely scalable. 

These solutions have led to significant increases in user impression metrics and conversions, including newsletter signups, product solution adoption, and lead-generation for client services.



From "Simple" to "Intuitive & Endlessly-Scalable"

From blog and newsletter content, to site analytics advising on conversion data, this robust web marketing platform offers a superior frontend user experience, with robust and intuitive admin control.



Web Engineering and Hubspot Integration

Ahead of the World Economic Forum at Davos, Scalio collaborated closely with Casper Labs' Marketing Teams to craft impactful messaging and integrate essential HubSpot functionalities. This strategic partnership aimed to align messaging with Casper's objective of converting interested participants into valuable subscribers. The tailored approach and seamless integration with HubSpot were pivotal in enhancing Casper Labs' engagement strategies during the high-profile event, contributing to the successful conversion of interest into meaningful subscriptions.



CMS Customizable Landing Pages

The result is a fully-customizable website equipped with a proprietary CMS, empowering Casper Labs' 
Marketing Teams to navigate the ever-evolving Web3 market in real-time fostering collaboration, enabling data-driven decision-making, enhancing scalability, and ultimately driving growth and competitiveness



Transforming the Future of Blockchain: Casper Labs and Scalio Forge a Dynamic Partnership for Web3 Innovation and Market Leadership

In a transformative collaboration, Casper Labs and Scalio addressed the crucial need for a dynamic web marketing platform. 

The result — a fully-customizable website with a proprietary CMS— empowers Casper Labs to navigate the ever-evolving Web3 market. 


Scalio's comprehensive approach, from brand strategy to research, design and engineering, positions Casper Labs as a blockchain solutions leader, demonstrating agility and amplifying their brand, while delivering clear ROI by reducing the time to market for the platform.

The successful HubSpot integration further highlights Scalio's commitment, laying a robust foundation for Casper Labs' success in the dynamic blockchain landscape.


What We Did

  • Strategy
    • Brand Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Research
  • Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Art Direction
    • Wire-Framing
    • Accessibility
    • Motion Design
    • Hubspot Landing Page Design
  • Marketing
    • Copywriting
    • Hubspot Landing Page Design
  • Engineering
    • Front-end Development
    • Hosting
    • DevOps
    • QA



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