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Real Estate Investing For Everyone

For the average person, investing in real estate rental properties is a very complex and time-consuming process, requiring expertise, and knowledge not only on the purchasing and financing of properties, but the management and maintenance of them as well.  

At its core, Casa Shares offers a straightforward proposition to investors of all financial backgrounds: “Buy shares of investment properties, earn rental income, and build your real estate portfolio.” This guiding principle honors Casa Shares’ mission — to make real estate investment accessible, manageable, and profitable for the average person.



Offer A Low-Cost, Scalable Investment Platform Solution to Rental Property Investing

The visionary founders of Casa Shares sought to issue a public offering of their first real estate property - The Lorene - quickly and efficiently, without taking on the financial risks of building a platform from scratch. Rather than issue a single asset on a crowdfunding marketplace, they aspired to have their own branded investment experience, complete control of the messaging to investors, maintain the option to add new and incremental features in the future, scale their portfolio of assets, and deliver more product value to their investors over time. With regards to costs, they required a solution that would be low in fees, while having a multi-functional product development team that was not full-time, and at a fraction of the costs. 

Particle was the perfect solution for this team, striking the right balance in costs, scalability, and an engaging investor experience, while fostering lasting investor relationships that open doors to future opportunities for further growth and development.



Our 10-Week Production Timeline

In our software development process with Casa Shares, we went through several key phases over approximately 10 weeks of production to ensure a superior client experience, product partnership and successful IPO. The phases included:


Phase 1: Discovery

We kicked off with the Discovery phase, which lasted between one to two weeks. Here, we laid the groundwork for the project, and dived deep into understanding Casa Share’s identity to shape the platform’s branding. Our product and design teams conducted thorough research on the market, competitive landscape and client’s industry to guide our data-driven recommendations.


Phase 2: Design

Following Discovery was the Design phase, spanning two weeks. Our talented designers focused on creating a global brand kit for the client that aligned Casa Shares’s brand vision. These deliverables included a logo, brand guidelines, and webpage elements that would integrate perfectly into their investment platform across any medium, browser, ad or application.


Phase 3: Development

A critical step in the process was the implementation of all Casa Shares branding and customization, which came during the Development phase, taking around 6 weeks. Our expert developers built and customized the entire platform, including the fully-branded web app, and a content management system (CMS) for the Casa Shares admin stakeholders.


Phase 4: Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Finally, we concluded the project with an Initial Public Offering phase, lasting for about 1 week. Here, we doubled-down on quality checks, and ensured all necessary information was ready for a smooth launch.


Below is a simplified GANTT chart visualizing the timeline of functional contributions to go from kickoff to IPO of Casa Shares:



Manage asset offering information in realtime through an efficient & user friendly content management system (CMS)

From the very beginning, the Casa Shares team aspired to have control over their content, investment information, images and documentation.   

Equipping the Casa Shares team with comprehensive control over these was possible thanks to a robust content management system (CMS). Our platform allows for seamless management of evolving metrics and property statistics, empowering product owners and asset managers to make real-time adjustments to their assets, ensuring agility and responsiveness in optimizing performance and user experience.


Provide investors with simplified payment & payout solutions for seamless transactions and encourage further investment

Our platform makes investing easy and safe with various payment options to suit users needs. Whether they prefer using their platform account, ACH, or credit card, they can manage their money with just a click or tap. Plus, they can receive their dividends in their Account Balance and reinvest it in new opportunities—all in one place.



Design the perfect investor experience for mobile, tablet and desktop

Long before branding the Casa Shares platform with their own branding, Scalio’s design team employed thousands of hours of consumer insights and robust usability testing to validate consumer impressions, optimize the positioning of security checkpoints, mitigate user friction, and optimize the user conversion towards the purchasing of shares for all of the Particle platform technology. This ensured that Casa Shares would be goIng to market with a premium investor experience, optimized to deliver results.

Leveraging our expertise in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, we tested and delivered seamless navigation and intuitive interactions to enhance the overall user experience. By prioritizing aesthetics, functionality, and accessibility, the Casa Shares platform not only captivates users, but also streamlines their investment journey, fostering trust and confidence in the investment offerings across all devices.




Leverage 3rd party integrations for a great customer experience

To ensure a superior customer experience that fulfilled all security and regulatory requirements, Scalio employs a meticulously-designed, modern FinTech architecture that blends cutting-edge technologies with third-party integrations. Our infrastructure utilizes cloud components from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, guaranteeing scalability, security, and compliance with SEC and FINRA regulations.



Offer a full third-party platform integration ecosystem

Going beyond financial services technology, the Scalio team strategically incorporated an entire ecosystem of integrations, including customer engagement solutions to track product performance and user interaction. These tools are complemented by analytics to enhance conversions throughout the user journey, encourage investor transactions, boost retention, and optimize user lifetime value (LTV).



Casa Shares & Scalio: Unlocking Access to Rental Property Investing

Casa Shares is a game changer in fractional real estate investment, thanks to its strategic partnership with Scalio. This collaboration ensures that Casa Shares operates smoothly and securely, making it easy for anyone to invest in diverse properties.

By utilizing the Particle Platform by Scalio, Casa Shares realized its vision of democratizing real estate investing and empowering anyone over the age of 18, accredited or non-accredited, to invest in its rental properties.

Moving forward, Casa Shares remains dedicated to expanding access to investment opportunities while augmenting its platform to meet evolving user needs, including the additional of a best-in-class mobile application, and additional properties offered within the portfolio.


What We Did

  • Strategy
    • Brand Strategy
    • Product Strategy
    • Content Strategy
    • Project Planning & Roadmap Definition
    • Competitive Research
    • Risk Analysis
  • Product
    • Strategic Planning
    • Product Development
    • Project Coordination
    • Quality Assurance
    • User Experience Optimization
  • Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Art Direction
    • Accessibility
    • Web Design
    • Design System Setup & Maintenance
  • Marketing
    • Copywriting
  • Engineering
    • Front-end Development
    • Hosting
    • DevOps
    • QA


About Particle Capital

Particle is a white-label crowdfunding platform for fractional investing (Reg A+/D/CF).

It is the only fully customizable investment platform on the market - allowing companies to launch quickly while also providing unlimited growth potential and a dedicated product team.

Built for any asset class, our SEC-compliant investment platform lets you raise capital on assets that include real estate, fine art, rare collectibles, estate jewelry, athletes and creative intellectual property.

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