Web3 DeFi

Buttonwood is a collection of DeFi primitives for building powerful decentralized financial instruments such as liquidation-free debt, convertible bonds, options, fiat-free stablecoins, and more. Rather than copy traditional financial approaches, Buttonwood allows developers to build DeFi bonds, stablecoins, and structured products without margin calls or liquidations.

Buttonwood provides SDKs to allow developers to be productive quickly - developers need only build a router contract and UI. The SDK conveniently and conventionally interacts with the Ethereum smart contracts underlying the financial primitives.

Scalio designed and developed a dynamic web experience including CMS for Buttonwood. Buttonwood has a unique design concept, rooted in the late 1700s style due to the 1792 signing of the Buttonwood Contract which led to the creation of the New York Stock Exchange. 

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