Aptus Capital Advisors

Investor Platform

Investor Platform

Aptus is an innovative investment manager in Fairhope, Alabama focused on helping advisors create more confident clients. Their aim is to minimize the traditional gap between what the market gives and what the typical investor gets. They deliver an investing experience that’s rules-based, risk-managed, and designed for long term success.

Scalio worked closely with the Aptus team to build their Impact Series Investor web platform from the ground up. This included design, Devops, Backend/API, Admin CMS & management portal, and the advisor facing web application. The platform allows advisors to walk their clients through a curated list of financial questions, which then generates a recommended portfolio and investment strategy based on the answers. The app can then prepare and IPS for download based on the strategy. Also included in the platform is the ability to share files between advisors and admins, view client reports, perform stress tests, and overall user management.



Scalio's understanding of both the product and business requirements allows them to offer creative insight to the project and better relate to the client. The product delivered was well designed, user-friendly, and easy to use. They're a unique, versatile team with deep domain knowledge and broad range of expertise and skills.

- JD Gardner, CEO at Aptus Capital Advisors

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