Ancestry & Genealogy

Ancestry & Genealogy

23andMe is a leading consumer genetics and research company. Founded in 2006, their mission is to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome. For the past decade, they have helped disrupt the healthcare experience by building a personalized health and wellness experience that caters uniquely to the individual by harnessing the power of their DNA. 

23andMe pioneered direct access to genetic information as the only company with multiple FDA clearances for genetic health reports.

Scalio was entrusted to build the world’s largest crowdsourced platform for genetic research. This platform allowed 23andMe to accelerate research at an unprecedented scale, while providing information back their participants.



Scalio designed and developed the initial version of 23andMe’s iOS app, Android app, and badging API. The apps offer great functionality to both current 23andMe customers and to others who want to learn about what they do.

The initial iOS and Android apps hit Top 5 status for Reference in both the iOS and Google Play Stores.

Read more about Scalio's involvement on the 23andMe Blog and Wired.


23andMe's API ("The world's first Genome API") lets authorized developers build applications and tools on the human genome. 

Scalio's API Demo demonstrates a step by step walk through on how to build your own DNApp with the 23andMe API. The Personal Genome API includes get calls for user data, profile information, and even specific genome locations. 

Read more on TechCrunch and Venture Beat. 



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